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How training can benefit midsize companies

Introducing a professional development program has been proven to have a direct correlation with output. Training is increasingly crucial for business growth. In fact, LinkedIn’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report found that 64% of their global participants agree that learning and development has shifted from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘need to have’ this year. Investing in the right training will see your business benefit from improved performance and results, and will help a midsize company to scale, achieve its goals and reach new levels

Typically, a midsize company will have between 50 and 250 employees and a turnover of £7.5m+. For companies of this size, it is essential to focus on scaling, not just growing. Scaling happens when business revenue increases without a substantial increase in resources (such as capital, technologies or staffing). A key way to achieve this is through professional development training for employees.

Keep training simple

Midsize companies should look for their training solution to offer simplicity, accessibility, and relevance. Prioritising these factors will ensure that common stumbling blocks such as the challenges of time and money are overcome.

Here at ILX, we offer a wide range of accredited training courses, which are suitable across various fields and industries. Take, for example, our PRINCE2 Agile training. This methodology combines the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile with the clearly defined framework of PRINCE2. It is highly relevant to businesses looking to improve processes, reduce conflict, and have teams speaking a common language. The Foundation level has no prerequisites, meaning it is both simple and accessible to all team members.

At ILX, our training is available in four learning formats to ensure it is as accessible as possible:

  • Classroom learning suits those looking to get qualified at speed. Though it does mean having days away from work, you can gain certification in a matter of days.
  • Virtual learning eliminates the need to travel with classroom-style learning which is carried out in a virtual environment.
  • E-learning slots conveniently into any professional’s schedule and is self-paced. Although certification will take longer to achieve, it can be easier to spare a few hours a week than several days at once.
  • Blended learning combines the convenient, flexible nature of e-learning with the perks of classroom learning for our most-effective training approach. The easier Foundation level is an e-learning course while the harder Practitioner level is a classroom course.

What’s more, at ILX we understand that training your teams can be a big expense for medium enterprises, which is why it is always worth getting personalised input from our experts. Learning together increases engagement, so talk to our team if you are looking to upskill multiple team members. They will be able to advise you on the best solutions for your company and budget.

Training in midsize companies pays off

It goes without saying that providing a program of training is an investment in the future, but it can also fix immediate problems. Upskilling teams can reform company culture as a whole. It can give businesses a competitive edge and be fundamental to scaling successfully. But more than that, training can also have a near-instant effect on employee motivation and therefore output. Investing in their development will make staff feel appreciated and valued, helping them perform better. Developing teams can breathe new life into tasks and projects, as employees become more skilled, knowledgeable, empowered and innovative.

Consistency in training across departments will unite staff and have teams speaking a common language. The knock-on effect is that it will help form a positive workplace culture and better their daily working. This is of monumental importance as improved employee satisfaction can drastically reduce employee turnover, which can be costly to midsize businesses. Offering training to employees can go a long way to increase rates of retention. Midsize companies tend to have flatter hierarchy structures, meaning there can be fewer opportunities for promotion. However, internal mobility (that is, job changes that are movements within the same company) has been shown to almost double longevity at a company.

We hope that we have shown just how important training in midsize companies can be, and the many ways in which it can pay off. We are on-hand to help find the right solutions for you and your size company, so contact our team to discuss your unique training requirements.